under construction (well... this is kinda always under construction xd) and viewer discretion advised

reason: social media = >:(. this is the perfect platform. also to practice html and css skills. and to express myself.

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last update: december 1, 2022

currently working on (buggy, not finished): responsive image gallery of art

plans + ideas:

>upload traditional art
>add writings page for thoughts n stuff
>expand music page (modular synths, radio, info, etc)
>shrines? i enjoy many things. i will introduce yall to twirp from animal crossing soon.
>maybe fashion page
>maybe upload jewelry that i make
>informational pages about things i enjoy. i guess that is kinda like shrines but not really.
>improve the navigation bar make it fancy or somehting xdd
>improve guestbook it is currently not cozy enough

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